Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery to the airport of your choice. Airline charges will be added to the price of the dog. Our prices very depending on the degree of personal protection training for each dog. Hundreds of training hours in obedience, home training, protection training, tracking and social training are needed before a dog can pass the stringent requirements of training. We train with family in mind and can train to your specifications. Contact us today, we will train for your needs.

If you decide to pick up several hours of instruction will be provided to you at no additional charge over the purchase price of your dog. If you opt for shipping we will endeavor to provide you with video instruction on the handling of your new dog. Or if you would like to have a trainer deliver your new dog and provide in home instruction to you and your family we can accommodate those needs as well.

All Dogs

Babies From The Best of Bloodlines

Hand selected for working ability. $2500 is a base price for a weaned puppy from our breeding program. Once training begins the price will go up based on the individual dogs abilities, potential and achievements.

You can search high and low and you will not find a pedigree more packed with quality working dogs. Our primary sire is our own famous Kobe von Prufenpuden who is well known for producing top quality dogs that can not only work at a high level, but are also amazingly gentle and calm in a home environment. But, we also select other studs that bring exceptional balance to our bloodlines as well.

Lots Of Choices.......

Great news!!!  We have an excellent crop of young, up and coming superstars.  Please visit our youtube page to view some of the super nice young dogs we have in development.  Over 35 dogs not yet listed on the website.  Dobermans, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers and of course many of the famous "Prufenpuden" German Shepherds up and coming.  Just give us a call or e-mail and we can direct your search towards dogs that might be exactly what you are looking for. 

Gentle/Reliable/Watch Dog

Ena is a slower to mature version of some of her more famous siblings.  She has fifteen brothers and sisters living in homes and doing well.  She just needs a little more time to grow up and show her full potential.  She has wonderful basic obedience and is starting to show her protective side as she matures.  Very alert to bumps in the night and quick to let you know if something is amiss. 


Quan von Prufen Quan von Prufen

This is the one!!!

Quan is the type of Rottweiler that everyone wants, but rarely get the chance to own. He is happy, fun and wicked smart, Quan has been in a loving family home since weaning and has TONS of experience dealing with children and other pets. His early training and development is unparalleled and he is way ahead of the curve in the development and training department for his age.

Prufenpuden Proud

Another super nice young dog out of our Prufenpuden bloodlines. Kobe x Shakira progeny have been our most consistent performers for well over five years. This young girl is no exception. She is sweet natured, gentle, fun to be around, but yet a fierce protection dog that doesn't know fear or back up. This young dog has all the qualities our customers are looking for. Wonderful in the home, wonderful in the car and an all around pleasure to be with.

A RARE FIND. Check this girl out.

A very rare find is this super nice  German Shepherd female.  Raised with powerful, positive reinforcement shaping techniques, this dog has proven skills in obedience and protection.  She has lived in a home with very lively children, cats and other pets.  Loves to hike, camp, fish, play ball or just lay around and be your buddy. 

Prufen Power!!!

Love and Loyalty all wrapped up with powerful protective ability describes this dog very accurately. He wants ever so badly to have a friend and constant companion to love and protect. He is a people dog and bonds deeply and quickly to his caretaker. But, don't be fooled by his kind nature. This guy is a powerhouse in the protection department and will only improve with age.

FromThe Best Comes The Best

Aiden's father is a superstar in the world of working dogs and his mother is one of our top Prufenpuden bitches. So, this breeding was destined for greatness right from the start. We custom trained two brothers from this breeding. Angus and Aiden. Angus is living happily in his home now and Aiden is ready to join yours. He is a very sweet, loyal and loving dog with excellent early training and development.

Athletic Powerhouse!

Pound for pound, month for month, they simply do not get any stronger in the protection phase than this young black working machine. He is impressive even by our strict standards and really stands out in a field of really nice young dogs that are his peers. He has a lovely temperament to go along with his powerful personality.

Pepsi Does It Again! Doesn't get any better than this.

Enzo is fifth generation Prufenpuden Bloodlines and another outstanding son of Pepsi von Prufenpuden.  This is a repeat breeding of a highly successful breeding from last year.  We have sold six of his brothers and sisters from the last breeding and all are doing wonderfully in their homes.  So, this breeding has even more proof in the pudding than most do.  But, Enzo can speak for himself and individually he is an amazing young dog with unlimited potential.  At every request he has stepped up and met the challenge with outstanding courage and drive. (Click on dog name for additional information)

Kid Proof

Home raised and professionally trained since weaning this young "N" litter female has stood the test of kid proofing. Having grown up with a very rowdy young boy she has seen it all and takes it all in stride. She manages and very high level of self restraint around children despite the fact that she is one of the highest drive young dogs we have in development. Her mother was called the "Babysitter" because of her natural tendency to watch over the children and to actually herd them away from danger.

Speed & Accuracy

Freya doesn't do anything slow. She is fast and accurate in all of her movements and a joy to work with. A very powerful young bitch with excellent athletic skills, she is just a pure joy to work and live with. Like all of her "F" Litter siblings, she has an exceptional mind and quickly grasp what you want from her. Whether it is to just lounge about the house or go out for a hike she is up for whatever comes her way.

Unique Super Cool

Josie is a one of a kind German Shepherd bitch with exceptional looks, willing attitude and super fun training all wrapped up in her power house body. Amazing early training, home raised since weaning, excellent pedigree, OFA sire and dam, and it just keeps getting better and better. We rarely get plush coated dogs in our breeding, but then came Josie and we all love her unique looks and coat type. But, those good looks would have been a waste if she weren't such a cool working dog as well. And she is.

Beautiful Inside and Out!

Here is what you have been waiting for. A beautiful, black and red, German Shepherd female, super in the house, excellent, user friendly obedience, fierce protective nature and a loving, happy demeanor. Eva is quiet and calm in the home, loves to travel. Very happy and social while out and about, but very capable of defending home and hearth from whatever comes your way.

Stunning Looks & Super Power

Fiona is a stand out in a litter chock full of stand outs.  The Kobe x Storm litter is a dream come true in the consistent temperament and power of these young dogs.  Fiona is no exception.  She has it all.  Good lucks, sweet nature, powerful drive and very normal, natural protective drives to guard and protect her family.  Early handling, early training, home raised and professionally trained all combined with superior pedigree and genetics to make an very exceptional young dog suitable for any and all types of homes and lifestyles.