About Aric

Born into a working dog family, and having taken his first steps in a kennel set the stage for this up and coming superstar in the world of dogs, dog training, personal protection dog development, and dog sports competition. Aric is one of the finest natural helpers in the industry and knows instinctively what a dog needs to move forward, develop confidence and build natural balance in their prey and defense drive. He is in the truest sense of the word a helper.

Aric's first babysitters were protection dogs and never in his life has there been a time there wasn't a dog close at hand and looking out for his well being. Aric is on the frontline's in the development of our finest protection dogs and is often tasked with delivery of our dogs to their new homes. He is gregarious, fun, and informative and will do everything humanly possible to ensure that your new dog makes an easy transition to your home.


What our clients say

I cannot tell you how safe we feel when we take them for walks late at night knowing that they are wonderfully trained and fully prepared to defend us if necessary.