1. Cooper von Prufenpuden "SOLD"
  2. 04/16/2013
  3. $35,000.00
  4. OMG! He's amazing.

    Super Prufenpuden bloodlines, coupled with great early training and development make for a super nice young male personal protection candidate.  Cooper has it all and will only get better as he matures.  You can clearly see from his early training videos the type of mind this young male possess. He is a powerful working dog with a sweet, sweet nature and a loving demeanor. He wants to protect and to please and best of all he has the mental and physical ability to back up his desires.  (Click on dog name for additional information)
Cooper travels perfectly, is clean natures, crates quietly, loves to play ball, is great with other pets and is a crowd favorite wherever he goes.  His powerful nature belies his gentle spirit and kind nature. He has no known vices and amazing early training and development. The good ones sell quickly.  Give us a call and see if you can reserve a nice young dog like this for yourself. 502-542-9747 and ask for David
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