About David

Master Trainer, David Harris is the Founder and Head Trainer for Protection Dog Sales of America. In addition to thirty five years of hands on, practical experience, he attended Oklahoma State University, studying animal sciences, husbandry, animal psychology and veterinarian medicine. Having already launched a career in dog training, he augmented his education by attending West Virginia Canine College for a more rounded foundation of dog behavior and to broaden his canine sports experience. After graduation he held the position of Master Instructor at the college for two years before founding Canine Services Unlimited in 1988.

Many years later, David still believes in keeping up with and developing new skills and knowledge in the dog field. David feels that the key to any good trainer is listening to the owner and keeping abreast of new information to better enhance the dog/owner relationship. He has held positions as Head Trainer for several training clubs, and continues his own apprenticeship program to further educate the next generation of Master Trainers.

David Harris pushes further to obtain excellence

David has continued his education at Cornell University, the Tom Rose School, and various seminars hosted each year around the country. He has trained thousands of dogs, 115 types of purebreds, and countless mixed-breed dogs. His resume is long and varied with pet, AKC, and Schutzhund competition. He has a passion for his dogs and his training, and has a genuine desire to make the relationship that each dog has with its family the best it can be.

David has provided one on one expertise to countless families, police agencies, military, and sports enthusiast's all around the country. Additionally, as the father of four children active in dogs and dog sports, David is uniquely qualified to help you find the right dog for you and your family.


What our clients say

Thanks for all the support you have given us with Tory and Leila. We are SOOO grateful to have someone of your skill set in helping develop our dogs into the best protection dogs they can be. You truly are amazing!