Protection Dog Cost Verses Hype

Price differences vary based on pedigree, quality of the individual dog, level of obedience training, physical and mental toughness of the dog, and practical experience in a home environment verses a kennel. We have created two videos on pricing to help people understand the many factors that go into pricing.  Educational videos are available upon request.

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Buyer beware! There are many, many marketing scams that prey on uneducated buyers. Most of these websites that sell protection dogs are really re-sellers. They buy dogs raised and trained to be sport dogs in Europe. When they flunk out of competition training (or have health issues), their owners sell them to brokers and the brokers sell them to other brokers and then companies from the U.S. buy from their contact in Europe (a broker) and you pay the mark-up at every point.

The individual that raised the sport dog in Europe sold the dog to the first broker for a few thousand dollars and by the time it gets to you, the same dog is priced up tens of thousands and up depending on what the seller believes the market will bear. That would all be well and good, but these dogs were never really raised to be personal protection dogs to start with. Some are capable of doing both sport and personal work, but 98% of them are sport dogs (Schutzhund Dogs) that have never seen any form of home life, have been kennel raised, and know nothing of civil agitation. Another issue to consider is age.  Many of these dogs are three and four year old dogs.  Well into their prime and their age should factor into cost.  So, it’s buyer beware.

Protection dogs for sale at a reasonable price

We are able to undercut our competition and are not afraid to post prices next to our dogs on the web, because we raise and train our own dogs. We did not buy them from someone else. Additionally, we can be competitive because dogs sales is only one small part of our business, not our total business.


We train personal protection dogs in the same building we train poodles and labs in. The building has a fixed cost. We are getting the most out of that building by offering a wide variety of services. Someone who only sells protection dogs has to cover all his overhead by marking up the cost of the dogs he sells to cover 100% of the overhead of his operation. Have you checked the value of the dollar as compared to the Euro lately? 1 euro = 1.1011 US dollars Not good, but brokers simply pass that added expense onto you. Have you checked the price of jet fuel lately? WOW! Prices for shipping dogs from Europe has gone through the roof! So, as you can see it is best to deal with someone that actually raises dogs bred in America, by Americans, for Americans.  

There are many, many other factors to consider when purchasing a protection dog. That is why I post my name, phone number, and e-mail address on my website. I am happy to make sure you get the information you need to make an informed buying decision that will not only give your family a sense of security, but bring pleasure and joy to your life as well.

Pet Statistics

  • there are approximately 83.3 million owned dogs in the United States
  • Thirty-nine percent of U.S. households own at least one dog
  • Most owners (60 percent) own one dog
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