Catch phrases and buzzwords that most of the time mean nothing.

Here are a few things you need to be cautious of when deciding who to purchase your dog from.


Combined experience

If someone has 30 years of successful experience (or, in the case of “combined” experience, if several people together have worked for a sum total of 30 years), one would expect numerous valid accomplishments that can be verified easily. The statement on its own means nothing. What has been achieved? That’s what counts.


Master Dog Trainer

This is one of the most misused titles in the dog-training world. For example, it can mean that someone is in charge of the training of a large number of dogs and handlers in the army. It can also mean that someone has his own business with one employee and he is in charge of the training. The second obviously has no merit. You can be a “Master Trainer” too!


Expert Dog Trainer

This must be someone who has expertise, right? So ask the person who considers himself an expert and see for yourself if this is true. People like this should provide you with references and credentials of the people/companies who see them as experts.


Training Director

This is normally associated with the person in charge of the training in Schutzhund, Ring, or any other dog sport club. He is generally also the helper or decoy who works the dogs in protection. There are many such dog clubs out there. Some, of course, are better than others.


Be in a club

Being a member of a club in most cases involves simply joining the organization and paying dues. It is in no way a measure of training skill or achievement. One quick look at our bio's, a quick check of Google, and a fun and entertaining look at our hundreds of youtube video's will tell you all that you need to know about us.

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