Beware when choosing a protection dog.

First thing first - make sure that you do not confuse brags and fancy titles with real Credentials and Accomplishments!  You’ve already searched the web. "CEO", "President", "Head Trainer" of a company with catchy name, that has sold 100's of dogs ..... but BE AWARE!

If it seems that you are struggling to find their names on their website, even if you check the "about us " page - it's intentional! Bad reputation can be easily exposed but you will need to make the effort to research. Don't bother reading testimonials or references without first doing a simple Google search with the person's name. You might be surprised what you'll find. Our personal breeding name is Prufenpuden and the owner of our business is David Harris.

Anyone can open a business with a catchy name, pay someone to build a state-of-the-art website, and target someone like you to buy a “fully trained level 3 dog” with many guarantees. Don’t be a victim of such scams.

How much does a protection dog cost?

Investing a hundred thousand in a dog is not a guarantee that the dog is worth this kind of money. I will be the first to tell you that certainly, a well-trained dog may be expensive, but the fact is that such highly valuable dogs are very rare. When you browse the web long enough, you will see many dogs in these price ranges.

The fact is that they are probably worth $8,000 to $60,000 at the most if that. There are simply not that many highly trained dogs out there, and I assure you there are not that many trainers capable of training a dog of that caliber. To better understand how our dogs are priced and how we easily sell dogs well below the price of the big boys just read my blog post on "Cost Verses Hype".

Buyers Beware

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