1. Lyndon von Prufenpuden (You waited, he sold)
  2. 10/02/2012
  3. $20,500.00
  4. HAS IT ALL!

    Excellent parents, wonderful upbringing, natural talent, super socialization and early development.  Lyndon will blossum in your home and with a loving family to watch over. With eight siblings to set the stage and showcase his talents, Lyndon is in good company.  A well bred dog with a lot of life experiences to draw from.   Good manners, solid obedience, growing power in his protection are all wrapped up in a solid frame and good looks. 
Talented parents were just the start.  This Prufenpuden bloodline dog has an extended pedigree that gives us the full indication of what we can expect from this dog.  Nothing is a better teacher than experience and we have experience with this bloodline ranging back twenty plus years.    Reasonably priced and ready to share your home, warm your heart and give added security and peace of mind to your hearth.  Give us a call 502-542-9747 and talk with David
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