1. Enzo von Prufenpuden SOLD!!!!
  2. 04/26/2013
  3. $35,000.00
  4. Pepsi Does It Again! Doesn't get any better than this.

    Enzo is fifth generation Prufenpuden Bloodlines and another outstanding son of Pepsi von Prufenpuden.  This is a repeat breeding of a highly successful breeding from last year.  We have sold six of his brothers and sisters from the last breeding and all are doing wonderfully in their homes.  So, this breeding has even more proof in the pudding than most do.  But, Enzo can speak for himself and individually he is an amazing young dog with unlimited potential.  At every request he has stepped up and met the challenge with outstanding courage and drive. (Click on dog name for additional information)

He is sweet and affectionate, calm and steady in the home, interested and concerned about you and your whereabouts at all times.  He is the consummate protector, ever vigilant and focused on the well being of his handler and all around just a great dog. 

He has been home raised since weaning, travels perfectly, loves to hike and swim.  Enzo is a medium sized, dark sable male that will not exceed seventy pounds, but packed the power and purpose of a one hundred pound dog into his protection work.  He is fearless and leaves nothing to be desired in his work.  Don't let this one slip passed you if you want love, loyalty, power and ability all wrapped up in a beautiful, athletic body that was bred for the purpose and this purpose only.  Give us a call and see if you will be the lucky one to own this awesome young dog.  Ask for David @ 502-542-9747

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