1. Zed von Fuchsstein (Sold)
  2. 08/30/2011
  3. $65,000.00
  4. Beauty/Brains/Brawn

    Zed has it all and it all is wrapped up in a beautiful body that is equally matched by his winning, happy personality and powerful protective ability.  This dog is a force when needed, a playmate when desired, and invisible in the home when asked.   His health and vigor are easily seen in his beautiful coat and powerful movements.  His impressive protection work is only matched by his precision obedience and impeccable manners.  Fully capable of off leash obedience in the most distracting and demanding of environments, this dog have been fully prepared for a busy lifestyle, but is equally happy to just stay home and watch over your family and possessions. (Click on dog name for additional information)
He loves to play ball, Frisbee or simply to fetch a stick.  Comfortable on a boat at the lake and he is always up for a swim.  He travels perfectly and is never a cause for concern unless you happen to be a bad guy looking for trouble and then he is happy to oblige, but always under the direct control of his handler.  His power is matched by his control and that is were the value is.


Available to select homes only.  Call and ask for David and see if this is the dog you have been waiting for.  502-542-9747
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