1. Josie von Prufenpuden "Super Cool" "Sold"
  2. 08/29/2013
  3. $26,500.00
  4. Unique Super Cool

    Josie is a one of a kind German Shepherd bitch with exceptional looks, willing attitude and super fun training all wrapped up in her power house body. Amazing early training, home raised since weaning, excellent pedigree, OFA sire and dam, and it just keeps getting better and better. We rarely get plush coated dogs in our breeding, but then came Josie and we all love her unique looks and coat type. But, those good looks would have been a waste if she weren't such a cool working dog as well. And she is.


Josie is up for a game of fetch 24/7, loves to travel, loves to show off her super cool tricks and is always a crowd pleaser wherever she goes.  If you are looking for a powerful protection dog, yet a dog that is safe and fun then this is your dog.  But, don't wait to long.  Dogs like her sell very, very quickly once they hit the market and until then she will just become more and more valuable as the days go by.  Give us a call and see if Josie suits your needs.  502-542-9747 and ask for David


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