1. The "Duke" AKC Champion "SOLD"
  2. 10/26/2010
  3. $16,500.00
  4. Champion Looks/Working Beauty

    If you are looking for a powerful protection dog with stunning good looks, then this is your dog. Duke has lived a busy life and is ready to settle down into a home and live the family life. AKC Conformation Champion, Fully Vetted for all known health issue related to the breed. Duke has solid obedience, loves to travel, has flown on a plane and traveled extensively. He has very powerful protection, but you wouldn't know it by watching him easily interact with the people in his life.

A fun companion that has the loyalty and heart intrinsic to this breed.  Duke is good with horses and other pets.  So, if you're looking for powerful protection, loyal and obedient companionship, then Duke just might be your dog.  And he is a non-shedding breed that can be groom to your liking.  Keep him skin short or let him grow out and keep him clipped in a show patter for optimum looks sure to turn heads wherever you go.  Give us a call and we can discuss the merits of this breed and the qualities of this dog to see if he suits your needs.  502-542-9747

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