1. Freya von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 06/06/2013
  3. $18,500.00
  4. Speed & Accuracy

    Freya doesn't do anything slow. She is fast and accurate in all of her movements and a joy to work with. A very powerful young bitch with excellent athletic skills, she is just a pure joy to work and live with. Like all of her "F" Litter siblings, she has an exceptional mind and quickly grasp what you want from her. Whether it is to just lounge about the house or go out for a hike she is up for whatever comes her way.


Like all of our exceptional Prufenpups, she was home raised and professionally trained since weaning.  The early positive reinforcement training that she received and the loving home life have combined wonderfully to create a dog with calm, confident movements and decision making skills.  She is a product of her environment and the environment was good.  This beautiful daughter of Kobe von Prufenpuden is also a powerhouse in the protection department.  Hopefully you will never find yourself in need of additional protection, but if you do, Freya will happily weigh into the fray and give way better than she gets.  For additional information on how you can make the wonderful dog a part of your family give us a call at 502-542-9747 and talk with David


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