1. Nora von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 10/25/2013
  3. $12,500.00
  4. Kid Proof

    Home raised and professionally trained since weaning this young "N" litter female has stood the test of kid proofing. Having grown up with a very rowdy young boy she has seen it all and takes it all in stride. She manages and very high level of self restraint around children despite the fact that she is one of the highest drive young dogs we have in development. Her mother was called the "Babysitter" because of her natural tendency to watch over the children and to actually herd them away from danger.


She is a Kobe von Prufenpuden daughter and goes deep into our Prufenpuden bloodlines.  Her grandmother and great grandmother were both in charge of watching over my own children as they grew up and better babysitters one could never have.  Nora is smart, well bred, well raised, well trained and a powerful force should God forbid anyone is ever stupid enough to challenge her protective abilities.  They will lose.  Give us a call if you are looking for that special, kid friendly, home raised dog to add to your growing family. 502-542-9747


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