1. Neeka von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 10/25/2013
  3. $12,500.00
  4. Check Her Out!

    Neeka is one to watch. She had a very wonderful early puppy life, grew up in a wonderful attentive home and was showered with love and affection. Couple that with professional training from the age of six weeks and their is no wonder why she has simply blossomed into a super obedient, wonderful dog that loves to work and please. She is fun and knows many cool tricks to go along with her sweet nature and powerhouse protection.


If you are looking for an athletic, fun, outgoing dog that hangs on your every word, then this is your girl.  Watch her early puppy training and know that she is from one of the best breeding we have had the pleasure to raise in years.  The famous "N" litter is full of outstanding young dogs and Neeka is no exception.  Call and talk with David about Neeka von Prufenpuden 502-542-9747


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