1. Nacho von Prufenpuden (Sold!!!!)
  2. 10/25/2013
  3. $65,500.00
  4. Not Cho Dawg!!  Super Star!

    (New Videos & Pictures Coming Soon)

    He may not be your dog yet, but he can be. All joking aside, this amazing young male German Shepherd has it all. Phenomenal parents, excellent early training, natural athletic ability, powerhouse protection all wrapped up in a beautiful body that will only improve as he matures. The sky is the limit for this dog. He has wonderful manners in the home, loves to travel, is safe and sweet natured with all he meets, yet he maintains a fierce working ability unparallel by his peers.

This "N" litter is packed with super dogs and Nacho has risen to the top of the pack with his brains and beauty on full display.  He's got the moves and knows all the tricks.  Home raised and professionally trained since weaning, Nacho has never lacked for anything in his entire life and it shows.  Wether you are looking for a lay around the house companion, a hiking buddy, a competition dog or an ever vigilant protection dog, Nacho offers it all in one neat package.  Give us a call and soon you will be hearing people say, "THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL DOG", and you can reply, "YEP, THAT'S NACHO DOG!"  He's mine.  Update video showing off his specialty training and developmnet coming soon. 502-542-9747


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