1. Machiavelli von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 10/09/2013
  3. $38,500.00
  4. Power and Fun!

    Happy Mac. He is fun, happy, wants to play. But, yet he is power house protector that sets the standard for other dogs.  Despite all of his crazy power and drive, he is sweet and calm in the house or left alone in a yard. Simply put he is a HAPPY dog.  He loves to go, but is equally content to stay alone for hours on end and is quite adept at entertaining himself.  Give him a ball and he will play all day.  With you or without you.

Personally raised by Senior Master Trainer David Harris, this powerful son of Kobe von Prufenpuden is one of a kind.  Just watch his early training videos to see that he is unique and special.  He is a fun dog to live with and a fun dog to work with.  The sky is the limit for this guy.  Whether you just want a pal to hang around or a super active pal to run, hike and romp, this guy can do it all.  Mac is great with kids, small dogs and cats. **Mac is a sweetie, but takes a firm hand. If you do not want to be alpha, then take a pass on this dog. Give us a call and see if this guy is the one for you and your family.  502-542-9747 and talk with David

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