1. Uri von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 02/22/2014
  3. $11,500.00
  4. All Natural

    Uri is the envy of a many Giant Schnauzer.  He is beautiful inside and out.  He is a happy, fun, calm and steady dog that only shows his protective side when pressed. He is very willing to please, clean natured, travels well, crates well and is great with kids, cats and other pets.  His obedience is calm and steady, very reliable and user friendly.  He knows many fun tricks and this dog does not take a strong hand to control. 

He is always up for a good game of fetch, a long walk, hiking or biking.  But, he is equally content laying at your feet and watch T.V. for as long as you would like.  He is a take as it comes his way kind of guy.  A very kind, loving companion, but more than capable of turning on that natrual defensive nature that is so common for this breed.  A great, natural watch dog that will mature into so much more.  Give us a call and discuss is Uri is the dog that you have been waiting for.  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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