1. Grenade
  2. 06/01/2011
  3. $15,000.00
  4. Natural Athlete
    A beautiful dog in a nice medium size package. Watch his videos to see grace in motion.  He is a true athelete. Grenade can explode, but thankfully he is not prone to exploding unless it is absolutely required of him.  He is a fun, happy dog that loves to retrieve, play and go places with his family.  He is loyal, willing to please and an easy dog to work with and care for. 
Do not underestimate his good spirits and happy demeanor as soft on crime.  He is a powerful defender of those that he is attached to and a very confident, safe, protective dog that knows what it's all about and is not afraid to let is all hang out in defense of his home or family.  Watch his video and you will see his spirit shinning though.  He is exactly the temperament we like in a mature, well raised and trained adult Malinois. Give us a call and see if Grenade is the right dog for you.  Ask for David @ 502-542-9747
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