1. Zavier (SOLD)
  2. 04/28/2014
  3. $6,500.00
  4. Opportunity Knocks

    Zavier is a fine young dog with foundational training in basic obedience.  He has good prey drive and is slowly developing into the type of dog that has a very natural protective nature, but yet is safe and fun to be around.  He has limited social skills, but rides well, travels well, and is sociable with people and other pets.

His lower price reflects his limited skill set, not his upper end potential.  In the right hands and with a little patience this beautiful young dog has a lot of growth potential.  He is a happy dog and really, really wants to please.  He just needs a patient, firm hand to guide him in the right direction.  We can help and support you in his development, but he needs to be in a home and with a loving family.  Priced to sell quick.  Give us a call and see if this is the dog you have been waiting for. 502-542-9747 and ask for David to get all the details on Zavier.

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