1. Stella von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 03/06/2014
  3. $18,500.00
  4. Dynamite & Snuggles
    Bred from the absolute best bloodlines in the Doberman world, genetics matters and it shows in this super nice Doberman.  It is said that good things come in small packages and Stella fits this description perfectly.  Stella started off life with a very distinct size disadvantage, but what is VERY evident is that no one told her she is smaller than her peers.  She has all the attitude and power of dogs twice her size and it's all wrapped up in a very pretty, balanced frame that is highly functional and athletic.  She is super sweet and will snuggle all night long.  She is a lover with super nice obedience, house manners and temperament.

Her home life has been rich and full, her early training and been fun and effective.   She has very solid obedience skills and is right on the cusp of being fully off leash trained under the heaviest of distractions.  Despite her strong, strong protection skills she is a calm and safe dog out in public and gets along well with all types of people and pets. Watch her raw video of her and some wild, untrained kids:)  There is not a weak nerve in this young Dobermans body.  If you were looking for a protection dog that is not so big and hairy, then this is your girl.  Give us a call and get all the details on Stella before she is gone, baby gone. 502-542-9747

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