1. Terrell von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 03/28/2014
  3. $9,500.00
  4. Prufenpuden Pup

    Terrell is a Mimi x Zed puppy that a very nice solid black German Shepherd well, well worth a look and your consideration.  Set to go up in price quickly as he continues to improve each day that we train with him.  He is very willing to please, happy, smart and focused on making you happy.  He has a great attitude and will simply blossom and shine once he gets a home of his own. He crates well, rides well and is good with kids and other pets.  A sable and safe young male that has an excellent natural protective edge to him. 

At eight and a half months of age Terrell is old enough to have a great start in basic obedience, but still young enough to be a fun, puppy, companion that will bond quickly to you and your family environment.   Watch his early training and development videos and see if this is a guy that you want to know more about.  Give us a call at 502-542-9747 and ask for David

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