1. Nadia von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 05/15/2015
  3. $4,000.00
  4. Build A Beast Candidate

    Sold But We Have More Coming Soon

    This puppy was hand picked by our experienced and knowledgeable staff specifically for training and development as a personal protection dog.  She has excellent genetics and comes from a top breeder of Giant Schnauzers.  She is a beautiful puppy with an excellent ear crop.  Like all of our puppies, she has been placed into a wonderful foster home where she will have an exceptional puppy hood.  Like a child prodigy on their way to being an Olympic superstar, Nadia will have a very structured life of training and development under the watchful eye of our training staff.

 We rarely if ever sell baby puppies.  We are not in the baby puppy selling business.  We are in the business to raise, develop and train dogs to be personal protection family guardians of the highest quality.  This is a long and expensive process.  A fully trained, home raised, custom trained personal protection dog that is reliable with children and other pets can easily range upwards of $40,000 dollars and sometimes much higher depending on the market forces and demand for the dog.  Dogs like this are rare.  They were raised specifically for this purpose.  They are not X military/police/sport dog imported rejects.  They are not older dogs well past their prime of life.  They are very advanced, young dogs, with a long, happy family life ahead of them.

This puppy and others like her are being offer to the right family as a way to secure a future dog for your family at a fixed priced and on a customized training schedule to meet your needs.  We call the program "Build A Beast"  Just like the famous Build A Bear option for children to hand select the Teddy Bear of their dreams. Our BAB program allows you to customize the dog of your dreams.  With our decades of experience you can select the breed, sex, level of training, type of temperament, and custom the training for the type of family activities you want your dog to be part of. Boating, hiking, camping, running, biking, swimming or just laying on the couch.  You decide what you want and we'll prepare the dog to be an amazing companion and protector of your lifestyle. 

Everyone has their own needs, budget, timeline and expectations.  Why not have a dog trained to suit your individual taste and needs?

Contact us now and we will fully explain the pro's and con's of this program.  It is not suited for everyone or every need, but it does offer significant pricing advantages over purchasing a ready to go, fully trained personal protection dog.  Contact David at dogmailcsu@aol.com or call 502-542-9747 and speak with David directly. 

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