1. Legend von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 02/25/2015
  3. $9,000.00
  4. Rare Find

    For the past four years we have been struggling to find, raise, develop and train high level, low shedding, personal protection dogs for the family market.  We have mastered the training, care and development of this wonderful breed, but we still struggle to find quality puppies for our program.  But, from time to time we get exceptional GS's to work with and Legend is one of those.  A quick look at his early training videos will easily show you the extra spark that this young GS's brings to the table. 


Legend is in a wonderful foster home, living a rich social life and receiving the absolute best in professional training that one could ask for.  He is clean natured, travels wonderfully, happy, willing to please and has excellent drive to work in both the obedience and protection phases of his development.  To top that all off he has excellent size, a beautiful ear crop and is simply a very handsome dog with a quality coat.  Rarely do we get the pleasure of working with such a fine quality Giant Schnauzer puppy.  Will your family be the lucky ones to acquire such a dog?  Ask us about the "Build A Beast" program.  Buy him now and leave him with us for additional training and development.  Smart. Very Smart! Contact David now at 502-542-9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com  Dogs like this tend to sell fast.  Don't let this one slip away. 


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