1. Ivana von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 11/27/2014
  3. $14,500.00
  4. Beautifully Powerful

    A very pretty red sable female that is sweet, happy, willing to please and yet posses the power necessary to deal with a substantial threat if that situation should ever arise.  Ivana's extensive video library shows the hundreds of hours of development we have put into this young dog.  She has had the best of both worlds.  A loving, happy home life and a serious professional training schedule that has shaped her into a very appealing young dog. 

Ivana is a confident dog that is good with children, other pets and loves to travel.  Her foster home has a travel trailer and she has had many outings and camping adventures in her young life.  She has also had the pleasure of going to many kid events to watch the grand children participate in soccer and other sports.  A very well rounded dog with super obedience.  Buy her now before her price goes up, up, up and leave her for whatever additional training you might require.  Do not let this one slip away.  She is a bargain at any price and is simply ready to blossom and amaze.  Call Now and talk with David 502-542-9747


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