1. Quentin von Prufen (Sold, but we have more.)
  2. 06/16/2015
  3. $5,000.00
  4. Watch Him Grow!

    Next litter due mid-December 

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    Here we go again and if you don't want to get left behind wishing you bought into this super young Doberman puppy early then you had better hurry.  There is a huge shortage of quality working line puppies for us to train and develop, but we go our hands on this guy from a top breeder in the US and we are charging forward with his development.  He is already showing off his excellent breeding and excelling in all phases of his training.  He is a perfect candidate for the BAB program.  Buy him now and leave him for training and development and save thousands over the cost of a fully trained, home raised Doberman like Finn von Prufenpuden

Quentin's early training videos are impressive and he will only get better (and more expensive) as we move forward with his development.  He is the perfect blend of working drive and snuggle.  He is a brave puppy that wants to please and he is a loveable puppy that wants to be with people and loves to be held.  His natural protective ability will only grow and strenghten with time and our training program.  He is in a wonderful foster home and getting the absolute best training and development that thirty years of experience can give him.  Don't delay. Call now and add this puppy to your home and let us do all the work in his training and development.  Contact David for details.  dogmailcsu@aol.com 

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