1. Volt von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 04/25/2014
  3. $27,000.00
  4. Rin Tin Tin Would Be Proud

    Classic Black and Red German Shepherds with drive and working ability are hard to come by.  Most are show line dogs bred for looks only.  Volt is a nice combination of show lines crossed with our Prufenpuden working lines.  He hit the lottery in the looks department and has a wonderful, easy going personality to go along with his stunning good looks.  A wonderful house dog that is great with children and other pets, travels well, crates well and is comfortable being left alone. 

Volt is a pleasant dog to live with and a fun dog to take places and to play with.  His protection comes from very natural confidence and he takes his job seriously.  He wants to please and does a very good job getting under your skin and into your heart quickly.  This is a very nice, home raised dog that had a great puppy hood in a normal family.  That early training and home life combined with our patience and professional training have allowed him to blossom into a fine young German Shepherd suitable for almost any possible task you could ask of him.  Give us a call and we'll discuss your needs and see if Volt is the right dog for your family and lifestyle.  502-542-9747 Ask for David

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