1. Ono von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 05/30/2015
  3. $30,500.00
  4. Don't Miss Out!

    Ono is a world class dog with world class life experiences.  She has had a wonderful life and her happy, willing attitude is a proof that genetics, early development, a happy home life, professional training and vast life experiences matters.  Look at our GENETIC MATTERS video to understand more about our breeding program.  Ono has had the benifits that most dogs can only dream of.  She is a love and fun to be around.  Great public manners, travels super and is just a fun dog.

But, Ono is not just another pretty face either.  You can expect her to step up and protect her family should the need ever arise.  She is calm, confident and forward moving in her protection work and she doesn't hesitate the protect the ones she loves. If you are looking for a well bred, health tested, genetically sound, happy, fun, professionally trained dog, then look no further.  Ono is your girl.  Call David at 502-542-9747

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