1. German Shepherd Pups "For Advanced Training"
  2. 05/01/2024
  3. 10.0
  4. $4,500.00
  5. Learn About Customized Training To Suit Your Family/Needs. BAB/SD & ESD Programs
  6. Build A Beast/Super Dog Candidates & "Elite" SD Candidates!

    Coming Soon 7/08/2024

    New Litter Born 5/01/2024!!!

    First Time Nursing "B" Litter 2024.

    5 Wks Old Now!  Super Cute!!

    Already Training??? What? 7 Wks

    EXCITING: Watch A Puppy grow up. 39 Videos from 6 Wks to Maturity.

    Want to see one year of development in 2 minutes? Click HERE

    If you are looking for something sooner ask about other litters well started.

    $4500 and up at weaning. Certain litters and males may be priced higher due to high demand. 

    Beautiful German Shepherd puppies available now and more coming soon for the BAB or Super Dog programs. If we are lucky there will be one or two puppies eligible for the "Elite Super Dog" or ESA program as well.  Many of them are repeat breedings.  A repeat breeding means that we have done this before.  Same mom, same dad.  We have raised and trained puppies from these breedings before and know what to expect.  We have exceptional video documenting the development of our puppies.  We know our bloodlines.  That makes them exceptional candidates for our BAB program.  Learn more about our breeding concept here: Genetics Matters

    Want to learn about our "Private Select" Elite Super Dog Program?  Click here.  PRIVATE SELECT

If you have been waiting for your chance to own our exclusive Prufenpuden bloodlines then now is your chance.  Our babies were bred for this.  We know from our vast experience what to expect from these pups.  Many of the unknowns of buying a puppy have been removed from the equation. Safe and predictability?  Click here to learn more:  SAFETY EXPLAINED  These bloodlines have produced hundreds of the top working/family dogs in the US and abroad.  And there is more.  Much more to brag about when it comes to these exceptional puppies.  These puppies are for sale exclusively to those wanting to participate in the BAB & Super Dog programs (A rare few for the "ESD").  Learn More Here:  BAB  To own one of these puppies at weaning you would pay between $4500 to $8500 depending on the litter you choose from sex,color and demand.  If they are not purchased at weaning we start training them anyway and as they advance the price goes up rapidly (so lock in now to save yourself thousands). Once you purchase one for yourself, you then pay to leave them with us for development.  This cost $3,500/month to $5,500/month depending on the package you select. You pay in advance of each month of training.  How long you leave the puppy will depend on the level of development that you desire/need. Currently, due to high demand, we have a minimum(s) of eight months to a year of training contractual obligation depending on the litter you are looking at.  We can help you understand the process.  The videos I am adding to this page shows other pups at various ages of development so you can have a visual of the process. Looking at the video of SOLD dogs and high level dogs for sell will also help you understand training stages.  Call Master Trainer David Harris for details at +1.502.542.9747  but do not delay.  Our pups will sell fast or go up in price fast.  Email at dogmailcsu@aol.com   PRO TIP: Text For Fastest Response Time

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