1. Ora von Prufenpuden (SOLD)
  2. 05/30/2015
  3. $11,500.00
  4. Home Raised Quality

    Ok here we go again doing what we do so well.  Breeding, raising, developing and training the absolute best of the best in young, home raised, super stable, happy, obedient companion dogs that were created with the family in mind.  Not military or police training.  No bite first ask questions later kind of dog.  Just a kind, fun, happy dog that has had the best puppyhood and early training that our thirty years of experience, first class trainers and facilities can provide.

Ora has an exceptional balance of mind and temperament that makes it easy for us to push her forward and past her peers.  She is mentally hard and very stable, so she just thrives on the training and eats up the pressure to always move forward with each and every lesson she has.  She bonds quickly to her handlers and loves to work.  Nothing bothers this young girl.  She travels well, crates well, is fine going or staying behind.  Suitable for every imaginable task.  The sky is the limit for Ora von Prufenpuden.  A great house dog, family dog, competition quality dog and personal guardian.  She has it all.  Give us a call to see if this young girl is suitable to your needs and lifestyle. We know our dogs.  Once we know you we will know if this is a match made in heaven or if you should look to another dog for your new best friend.  We have a lot of nice young dogs in development and will never pressure a sale.  It is not our style.  Call and ask for Master Trainer David Harris.  502-542-9747

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