1. Roma von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 12/27/2013
  3. $32,500.00
  4. Athletic Fun!

    Roma is a mature two year old Doberman Female.  Super obedience, powerhouse protection and fun, fun, fun.  The entertainment value of owning a Doberman can never be underestimated, but the bad guy that underestimates her resolve and ability to protect the ones she loves would come up on the short end of her powerful grips.  Roma is sweet but her protective ability is real.

Roma is from our powerhouse "R" litter that was packed full of superstars.  All of her siblings are in wonderful homes and doing well.  We liked this litter so much that we have repeated the breeding and will have new baby Roma's born this month.  Roma is home raised and had a wonderful puppyhood with lots of love and play.  She has a great video library showing her early training and development and her latest videos show her rock steady work and ability.  Rarely do we get such nice young Dobermans to this age before they are sold and I suspect that now her vita is public she too will join the SOLD ranks very quickly.  So, do not delay.  Give us a call and lets see if Roma is the dog you have been waiting for.  If you want to laugh, have a snuggle companion to watch movies with, a hiking/running buddy, someone to play ball with and a dog to help you sleep at night, then Roma is your dog.  Call now.  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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