1. Petra von Prufenpuden (Another Superdog Sold)
  2. 07/29/2015
  3. $19,500.00
  4. Powerhouse Princess!

    Cream always rises to the top and Petra is slowly, but surely rising to the top dog spot in a litter absolutely packed full of amazing dogs.  A repeat breeding of our famous "W" litter, this beautiful young dog is not letting us down.  We had very high expectation for her and she is meeting and exceeding them in every way.  To meet her is to love her.

Petra quickly gets under the skin of anyone in her circle of charm.  She is so sweet that it totally belies her natural protective ability.  She is intense, powerful, athletic and has natural ability that other dogs can just dream of.  On top of her powerhouse protection she has fun, spirited obedience and impeccable house manners.  She is a very happy dog that loves to travel and meet people, but has a keen eye and is naturally alert and wary of strangers around her home and vehicle.   She is what we hope to produce when we breed and develop young dogs for personal protection.  A great balance of beauty, natural ability, early training and development.  Everything is in place for this dog to mature into one of the finest dogs we have raised in years.  Buy her now and leave her for additional training and you will not be let down.  This girl will continue to rise to the top of the class.  She will sell quickly.  Do not delay.  Call us and find out if this dog suits your needs.  502-542-9747 and talk with David

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