1. Stern von Prufenpuden (Sold,They sell quick!)
  2. 11/26/2015
  3. $8,500.00
  4. Kid Tested/Mother Approved!

    Stern is living the good life with a boy of his very own to play with and snuggle.  Weaned at six weeks of age and immediately placed into a wonderful, loving foster home where he can get the tender loving care that all puppies deserve, Stern has it all.  He his a smart, willing to please dog that has the drive to go very far with his training and development. 

He is a star student in class and pushes his peers to excel to keep up with this rapid training and development.  We love to work with him and it shows in his early training and development videos.  He is a beautifully built puppy that will mature into a very handsome dog despite the kink he has in the end of his tail (it gives him character).  He is mentally tough, physically tough and has everything that we like in a German Shepherd puppy.  This guy will go very far with his training and his price will rapidly go up.  For sale to approved homes and on a minimum four month training contract to be paid at the rate of $2000/month.  Our BAB program is one of a kind and will allow us to custom train this little guy to be the super dog that you have always dreamed of.  Watch the BAB Video.  Then call David to discuss your needs and see if Stern is the right puppy for your needs.  502-542-9747

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