1. All Breed Training For The Public
  2. 01/01/2001
  3. $3,000.00
  4. Training For "ALL" Breeds Available
  5. ALL BREED TRAINING $3000/month

    I am regularly asked if we will develop dogs from outside of our program.  The answer is YES.  We are a very diverse training group with deep experience with ALL breeds.  If you would like to discuss your training needs with an existing dog you already own, just give us a call.  502-542-9747 and talk with David.  If you are interested in having us help you find and develop a breed that we currently do not offer for sale then just give us a call.  We will happily discuss the pro's and con's of all the breeds available and help you find, select and customize the training to insure the maximum success that each breed has to offer. 

All of the breeds have strengths and weaknesses.  The key to success with other breeds is in the selection process.  It is critical to buy the best puppy suited for your needs and goals.  We are masters in the selection of individual puppies from a litter of puppies.  Without the proper temperament and drives we will have little chance of success turning your puppy into the superstar you would like.  So, allowing us to guide you though the selection process is key to making sure the end results match your expectations. 

We do not just train protection dogs or only working breeds.  We are trainers of merit and can work with and develop any breed to be the best dog they are capable of being.  We look forward to making your best friend even better with a little guidance and professional training.  Call and talk with David to discuss your training needs and goals.   +1.502.542.9747

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