1. Dale von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 01/05/2016
  3. $22,500.00
  4. Amazing Opportunity!

    Want something unique and super cool?  This guy has it all.  Happy attitude, wonderful character, super early training and development, fun obedience, natural protective ability all wrapped up in a low shedding body built for athletic ability.  We just love this guy and it shows in the early training and development.

Get in on the ground floor and watch him grow and develop under our exacting tutelage.  He is in a wonderful foster home getting the love and attention all puppies require to fully mature into the type of happy, confident, naturally protective dogs we have the reputation of producing.  He is receiving the best professional training and guidance our three decades of training all breeds can bring to the training table.  No one else has taken on a project like this and we are very excited to see young Dale develop into a superstar just like our Prufenpuden Shepherds, Dobermans and Giant Schnauzers. NOTE: He is only for sale with additional months of training that cost $2000/month the same as any BAB puppy. Four months minimum, but possibly he will need more depending on your needs and goals.  Give us a call and lets discuss your needs and see if an Airedale is in your future.  502-542-9747 and talk with Senior Master Trainer David Harris

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