1. Valentine von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 12/12/2015
  3. $17,500.00
  4. Beautiful Inside and Out!

    Valentine lives up to her name.  She is a love and wants to be the love of your life.  But, do not underestimate this young dogs ability to defend the ones that SHE loves.  She is a brave young dog with a BIG heart and tremendous drive to work.  A happy, willing worker with a great ethic.  She wants to please and she wants to learn.  Her training videos clearly show her early training and development. 

A beautiful girl from super working bloodlines, she is in a wonderful foster home and receiving the best of the best home lives a puppy could ask for.  She has been in professional training and development since she was nine weeks old and we could not be more please in her progress to date.  She shows no sign of slowing down and the next several months of training will show major gains in her obedience consistency and her protection control work.  Well bred, well raised, well trained and on her way to being an amazing companion and protector to some lucky family.  Give us a call and we can discuss your needs and see if this girl is the right choice for your situation. 502-542-9747 and ask for David

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