1. Iller von Prufenpuden
  2. 11/27/2014
  3. 75.0
  4. $100,000.00
  5. Wow. That is all I have to say about that. Wow.
  6. If Only The Best Will Do

    Every few years along comes an exceptional dog and everything seems to fall in place for his upbringing, training and development.  That dog happens to be Iller von Prufenpuden.  Son of legendary Niler Jabina IPO 3 and Pepsi von Prufenpuden both being super producers of some of the finest dogs that PDS has developed in the last decade. Iller is from an exceptional litter and from that litter he is the exception.  Fun, happy, willing, beautiful, athletic, serious, strong, loving, safe and REAL. Some companies Talk.  We prefer Proof In The Pudding.

Please enjoy his training videos.  He has been in continuous training since weaning.  No stone has been left unturned in his development.  He is exceptional in every category.  Tricks?  He's got them.  House manners?  He is a joy.  Travel?  Bring it on.  Obedience?  Anywhere, anytime both in and out of the ring this boy can work.  Protection?  Really....You need to ask?  Go watch this young ambassador of the breed show what a REAL protection dog looks like.  Fearless, power, control, nerves of steel and safe, safe, safe control and temperament that is just a blessing to behold.  Hundreds of hours and tons of teamwork by the best in the industry have went into the creation of this masterpiece of a personal protection dog named "Iller von Prufenpuden". If you want the best and can afford what you want, then this is your dog.  Call us up for a personal interview and see if this is indeed the right dog for you.  Serious inquires only.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris at 502-542-9747 or dogmailcsu@aol.com and find out if this exceptional dog can be YOUR exceptional friend and protector.  

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