1. Chloe von Prufenpuden "Sold"
  2. 06/19/2016
  3. $39,500.00
  4. Look at this Beauty!

    If you have been waiting for a Prufenpuden young adult with exceptional beauty, willingness to please and trainability, then your wait is over.  Chloe is an excellent young dog and has everything we hoped for when we breed a litter.  A repeat of our successful D, J and T litters this whole litter (10 puppies) is set to please even the most demanding of homes. 

Chloe was raised in a wonderful foster home and continues to get the love and care it takes to raise a dog of her amazing potential. Give us a call and we will interview you.  Based on your needs, experience with dogs, family lifestyle and goals for a personal protection dog, we can guide your selection process.  This young dog is readly to go into most homes. Is Chloe the right dog for you?  Call 502-542-9747 and talk with Master Trainer David Harris

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