1. Darla von Prufenpuden CGCU **SOLD**
  2. 07/09/2014
  3. $19,500.00
  4. Sweet & Steady

    Darla was raised in a busy, hectic family life with kids and travel.  She is very social and loves to be part of the action.  She has solid basic obedience skills and good house manners.  Social with all types of animals and kids.  She is the type of dog that just wants to be part of a family and wants to be where you are.

A dog that requires low maintenance and is very clean by nature.  Has potential to do upper level obedience, but would rather just go for a hike or hang out and watch TV. with you.  She is a cool dog with lots of potential and just needs a loving home to bring out her best. Super naturally protective and has the size and look to be a huge deterrent to any bad guy looking your way.  Give us a call and we can give you the full scoop on Darla and see if she is the right dog for you.  502-542-9747

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