1. Hudson von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 12/15/2016
  3. $35,000.00
  4. Here Is What You're Looking For!

    A beautiful, home raised, well bred, social dog with excellent obedience/tricks and poweful protection that is good with cats, kids and in public.  Hudson has it all.  A dog that is as beautiful inside as he is out.  A dog with heart.  Hudson was raised in a busy home with young girls.  He is used to playing dress up with the kids, then getting serious in obedience and protection work with the pro's.  The best of both worlds for a young dog growing up.

Hudson, along with his other wonderful siblings in our "H" litter have been home raised in our program since weaning.  We know based on our advanced breeding program (Genetics Matters) and our personal history with their older siblings, the "A" Litter, what to expect from these dogs.  He has had great training up to date, but can be further custom trained to suit your needs.  You have cats?  We have cats too.... Look Here  You have kids?  We do too!  You love to hike, bike, boat, fish or whatever, we can prepare your dog to do it.  Horses?  We have those too!  Dogs & Horses  So, as you can see from our 3000+ videos on YouTube we are experts in our field.  Call David for details.  502-542-9747

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