1. Cam von Prufenpuden (Sold) Lucky Family!
  2. 06/19/2016
  3. $32,000.00
  4. This is it!!!!

    Size, beauty, brains and boldness.  This young guy has it all.  Proper breeding, amazing early puppy life, excellent loving home life, wonderful early puppy training and development and professional training by our outstanding staff of Master Trainers.  Cam is a repeat breeding of our famous D, J & T litters.  He has many, many wonderful siblings in homes all across America and abroad. 

You just cannot ask for more from a young dog.  Every time we ask for more, Cam steps up and complies.  He is miles ahead of his peers in every measurable metric and more and more coming everyday.  He loves to travel, loves people, loves other pets and is great with kids of all sizes.  His protection work is natural and unforced.  His protection comes from his heart and he takes guarding his loved ones seriously.  If you are looking for big, bold, beautiful home protection dog then look no further.  This is your dog.  Call David @ 502-542-9747 and discuss how Cam can soon be a part of your life. 

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