1. Helo von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 11/11/2016
  3. $15,500.00
  4. HERE HE IS!

    So you want a Giant Schnauzer?  Low shedding, great looks, loyal personality, naturally protective.  Yep, Helo has all that and more.  A beautiful puppy, extremely well bred from top lines in the US of A with all the bells and whistles to add to his charm.  This boy has the looks and the drive to do the job.  Many times when we get these puppies with such amazing looks they lack the drive for the work.  Not this guy. 

Helo has prey drive!  Prey drive allows us to build his protective skills sets AND build his confidence all at the same time.  It also gives us another motivational tool to keep the obedience training happy and on pace.  The more sources of motivation the better.  We have years and years of experience in the development of Giant Schnauzers for personal protection work.  Check out our 3000+ videos on youtube to see some examples of our work.  Youtube  Click here for some recent  MEDIA  on our company.  Helo is for sale with ADDITIONAL training.  Not as is.  Additional training cost $2500/month and can be customized to suit your needs.  Contact David @ 502-542-9747 and see if you can get in on the ground for with this exciting puppy. 

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