1. Flex von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 11/14/2016
  3. $25,500.00

    You missed out on a great one.  Good news.  We are making more.  Get in line now not to miss out again.

    We never expected to be blessed with another litter of puppies like our very, very, very famous "2014 F Litter" but low and behold if Vegas ( mom) and Razoz (dad) did repeat this breeding almost exactly two years later.  Our "2016 F Litter" Dobermans are here and training has already started in earnist. Siblings Falon, Flint & Finn all sold or are selling in the $70,000 price range at two years of age.  Our new litter of F pups, Fenick, Falcon, Flex, Fern & Fame are sure to please.  Buy now and LOCK DOWN the price.  Get the details on the BAB program right HERE

Flex von Prufenpuden has risen to the top and continues to amaze us with his rapid development.  He is on par if not ahead of his older siblings at this age in his development.  So......we have given him the designation that only the select few of our dogs young dogs receive and labeled him a "Super Dog" worthy of advanced training and development by our elite team of professional trainers.  He will get the best of the best.  He is for sale with a minimum of eight more months of training at the rate of $3000/month.  He is indeed a SUPER DOG and would make an amazing addition to any family lucky enough to be able to acquire such an amazing dog.  Contact Master Trainer David Harris and see if this is the right dog to fill that void in your life.  502-542-9747

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