1. Yasmine von Prufenpuden (Sold)
  2. 04/23/2016
  3. $30,500.00
  4. OMG! She's Beautiful!

    When Prufenpuden Kennels turned their hand to breeding Giant Schnauzers they really had temperment in mind, but in this case we were very pleased to have gotten both a beautiful mind and a beautiful body to go along with it.  And at only sixteen months she will just get better with maturity.  We love this girl.  She is happy, willing, smart and fun.  A true pleasure to be with, to go places with and to just be a friend.  There is only one down side to have a dog this beautiful and that is you'll be the center of attention wherever you go.

Yasmine is a real head turner and a show stopper.  Wherever we take her she gathers a crowd of onlookers and she loves it!  Like all Giant Schnauzers (GS) she is naturally protective, fully alter to bumps in the night and the first to let you know if something is amis around the house.  But, she is still young and not fully mature enough to handle serious protection training and that is reflected in the price.  Soon she will turn that corner and as her drives mature she will advance very, very rapidly and so will the price.  Her brother recently sold for three times her price.  He matured quicker and we took him there.  She will be ready soon, but we will not push her until she is ready.  Call us now, lock in the price and let us train her more or take her now and let her grow up at your home and "IF" needed we can add an enhanced protection package to her training at a later date.  Give us a call and lets see if this girl is the right dog for you.  502-542-9747 and ask for David

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