1. Achilles von Prufen (SOLD)
  2. 04/09/2017
  3. $30,500.00

    If you cannot see quality in this young dog then just move along, Achilles is everything you can hope for in a developing GSD.  He has a kind soul, he is stunningly beautiful, he has substance, bone, pigment and balanced drives with the type of nerves that we always hope for in young dogs.  He is in a wonderful foster home and quickly learning how to be part of a family.  Swiming, going out to romp and play, taking long naps and learning the ropes of kids, cats and company.

On top of all his mental and physical qualities (which we love) he is getting regular professional training and accepting his lessons with confidence and style.  He is a quick learner and doesn't push back when asked to do things he doesn't really care for.  He is willing and accepting of guidence and training.  A fun pup that loves people, loves to swim, travel, hike and nap with his family, this guy is sure to please.  NOTE!!!!  He is for sale with additional training only.  Not as is.  As great as he is now there is much, much more to come for this guy.  So, call us now, lock in the price now, or just sit back and watch is price skyrocket as we develop him over the next several months.  The sky and the price is limit for this super pup.  Call 502-542-9747 talk with Master Trainer David Harris and learn more about Achilles and how you can own such a dog as he is destined to be.

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