1. Iris von Prufenpuden
  2. 02/01/2017
  3. 55.0
  4. $45,500.00
  5. Dang It! You missed out on a great one. Keep looking and we'll keep training them.
  6. Seriously??? BEST OF THE BEST!!!

    Take a hard, hard, hard look at this  SUPER STAR GSD female and take note.  She has it all going on.  Here is a short list.  Excellent pedigree chock full of amazing, accomplished dogs (the apple doesn't fall far....), perfect upbringing, a loving, kind foster home that takes pride in her and her accomplishments, a proven training system managed by the most skilled, experience trainers in the industry and the Prufenpuden name to back it all up and raise expectations to the next level.

Iris von Prufenpuden is simply an amazning German Shepherd and will just continue to improve with the breeding, love and genetic foundation she has to build off of.  The sky is the limit for this girl.  SO WHY?  Why is she priced at this low price and not up there with the other ELITE dogs from her class?  Iris broke her leg a year ago.  She is 100% healed, ready to run, tested, proven and vet cleared to work, but we have to take a loss and our loss can be your gain.  If you are looking for a super dog at a LEVEL 1 Price this is your girl.  She has it all and more.  Act fast, call now.  502-542-9747 and talk with David

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