1. Ken von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 12/31/2014
  3. $75,000.00
  4. Prepare To Fall In Love!

    Simply put, Ken is a once in a lifetime dog.  Everything the breed is touted to be, but rarely, rarely is.  Ken is fun, happy, brilliant, tolerant, kind, understanding, supremely athletic and confident.  He is the quintessential Malinois without the quirks, hyperness or edginess associated with the breed.  In short he is a rare animal where everything came together as the star perfectly aligned to create this beautiful dog.  To say we love everything about Ken would be the understatement of the century.  He is loved by all that know him.

And best of all he loves them back.  He is an old soul and a kind animal that always gives you his best.  Obedience, tricks, travel experience and the nature to be a true all around companion all come very naturally to this exceptional dog.  His protective nature and his fighting skills have no peer, but it would be absolutely worthless without his exceptional temperament that keeps everything in check unless the chips are down and his skill are really needed.  Never over the top, just the right amount of wariness and protective ability to stop a threat before it ever becomes a threat.  This dog wrap everyone inside of his circle of fiends into his web of security.  To know Ken is to love Ken and to have Ken by your side makes everything better.  For additional information on this super dog contact David Harris @ 502-542-9747

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