1. Judge von Prufen (Sold )
  2. 09/21/2015
  3. $45,000.00
  4. Rare Find

    Working line Dobermans are hard to find.  Add "Home Raised", "Professionally Trained" and "For Sale" to that equation and the odds are stacked against you ever finding the dog of your dreams.  Judge might just be that dog.  He is a kind, loving, obedient dog that simply wants to be a part of your day.  He travels well, is bold, brave and outgoing.  He enjoys children and is kind and tolerant of other pets like small dogs and cats.  He is always up for a hike, run, ball play or just about any activity, but is equally content to stay at home and lounge away the day.

His obedience really shines when he is out and about in public or when traveling.  Just about anything that comes his way becomes part of the norm for him quickly and easily.  Simply put, he has the experience and training to cope in the city, on the farm or anything in-between.  Hiking and biking or lounging and chilling are all ok with Judge.  All he wants is to be part of what you are doing.  This guy just might be the perfect Dobeman for you.  Give us a call and we will tell you what we have learned about this well bred Doberman.  502-542-9747

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