1. Simba von Prufenpuden
  2. 12/12/2015
  3. $75,000.00
  4. Beautiful Inside & Out
  5. OMG! What Beauty!

    Along comes a beauty, two full years in the making.  It takes a village to raise a super dog and a LOT of things have to come together to create such an amazing dog.  Genetic's Matter!  Early training and development matter.  Puppy Kindergarten  Being raised in a loving FOSTER HOME matters.   Life and Experience Matters. 

    At Protection Dog Sales ALL of these things matter and it's what we do.  Simba grew up in a loving home surrounded by family, children and other pets.  Simba grew up under the watchful eye of a Master Trainer.  Simba was afforded the best of the best and raise to be the best. 

Simba has had a rich life, full of fun, play, professional training by the best in the industry.  He is a fun, happy and confident dog as a result and he brings joy, love, loyalty and commitment to the lives of everyone he touches.  He is an elite personal protection dog in ways that other companies just talk about.  His video library runs deep and true showing his development from a wee puppy until now.  Watch them all and understand the massive amount of talent and dedication to craft went into the development of this amazing, beautiful animal.  Serious inquires can call and personally talk with Senior Master Trainer David Harris 502-542-9747  We will learn about you and decide if Simba is the right dog for you and your family. 

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