1. Bane von Prufen (Sold)
  2. 07/29/2014
  3. $15,000.00

    Wow!  What a dog!  Happy obedience, fully tested, tried and true temperment, amazing pedigree, ready to work and to play.  This dog is the full package and ready to bring a lot of fun and fullfilment to the right home.  He takes a firm hand on the reins, but loves to train and responds wonderfully to anyone that wants to work with him.  

Get your throwing arm limbered up because this guy loves to play ball.  He is great with other pets including cats.  Travels well, crates well and wants to be a part of a family.  Watch his videos.  What you see is what you get.  Give us a call if you think Bane might have a place in your life.  502-542-9747

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